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Handtied Hair Extensions
Welcome to our Store

Welcome to our store!


Why our hair over the big names in the industry…

Our hair is created and packaged with the stylist and client in mind. We wanted to cut down on how many wefts it would take for the artist to achieve a truly seamless blend. We also wanted to decrease the amount of tension on the clients natural hair. Our hair weighs 20 grams per weft. We can also order 30 gram wefts. The HairSlayer Beaded Row method is the most innovative & and lightest weight hair extension application method that creates maximum length and fullness using 100% human Remy Slavic hand tied hair.

This method uses an exclusive string and bead technique to create a solid and stress free foundation for extensions to lay upon. There are minimal points of contact to your natural hair to ensure minimal risk for damage. Wefts of hand tied hair are placed in rows and sewn together to create a comfortable, natural blend with seamless results.

The HairSlayer Beaded Row Experience includes custom matching to your natural hair and or custom matching for hair goals. We do little to no coloring to the hair purchased because our hair comes already colored in rooted and blended colors creating a natural custom blend for each client. We use a strategic placement of each row to ensure comfortability, and then we perform a custom cut and style to achieve a seamless blend.

Why Choose HairSlayer Beaded Rows for your extension experience?

You can wear these extensions straight, curly, or air dried. HairSlayer beaded rows are versatile to style, including the super popular top knot. This type of extension work and hair hides better than any other technique available.

There is no sticky glue or tape, less risk for damage, and there is an easy removal process that takes less than 10 minutes!

​Fine-Medium Hair: 1-2 packs

Medium-Thick Hair: 1-2 packs

Super Thick Hair: Custom Order if Needed. We make 30g wefts too!!!

We are competitively priced anywhere from $200-$1500 less than other larger named brands that are offering lower quality hair according to clients who have made the change.

We truly want everyone to have the ability to enjoy this amazing hair.

Why wait to achieve the hair of your dreams, Call now to secure your appointment 904-654-3097.

If you are a client, we recommend having these wefts installed by a certified Handtied Extension Artist. Be sure you see a certificate before allowing any artist to perform such an expensive service on you. There are many different beaded row method also flooding the industry, be sure you know what you are investing in.

Our extensions will last anywhere between 6-12 months with proper care. Hair care instructions are provided with each extension order, found on a “care card” on the inside of the packaging! Most blonde extensions arrive true to tone because we know how much our Florida babes hate gold tones. If you find your extensions turn gold over time you can use salon exclusive purple shampoo and conditioner to counteract these tones right at home.


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