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Hair Extensions

What are HairSlayer HandTied Extensions?

HairSlayer HandTied Extensions are 100% handcrafted (seamless lightweight hair sewn by hand onto 100% cotton string called wefts) human Russian hair. This unique hair comes with its cuticle fully intact making it the strongest and most natural hair on the market. It does not contain any synthetic fibers nor is it coated in heavy silicones. This helps your purchase take on the identity of your natural hair the day you leave the salon.  Russian hair is considered to be the best quality hair in the world, that’s why it’s so much more expensive to source and purchase. It’s known for its fine texture, light natural color and superb durability. HairSlayer HandTied Russian Extensions are the diamond standard of hair quality. Our hair can be styled using blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and blow dry round brushes. Please always apply heat protection prior to touching with a hot tool. We highly suggest using professional hot tools and High End, Salon Exclusive styling products on your investment. Luxury Products for Luxury Hair.


About Our Hair

The amount of hair needed differs from client to client. We suggest each client to schedule a consultation where we color match and discuss hair goals. This helps each HairSlayer determine the exact need for their clients investment. We offer 16″, 22″, and 24″. Our 24″ wefts are exclusively made in 30 gram wefts.

***We also offer custom orders where the client can pick out the exact colors they want from an exclusive color ring. This option is Exclusively offered to clients out of HairSlayer Salon in St. Augustine Fl.


We currently offer 21 custom created colors. Most of our color blends come in Rooted and or Rooted/Blended options and we have a few solid colors. Our Hair is sold in packs of 4 wefts. Each weft weighs 20 grams. Our 24″ comes in exclusive 30 grams wefts for necessary fullness achieving results with less bulk than machine wefts.  This helps reduce a bulky appearance, offering a  more natural and less heavy wear as well as reducing  tension on the client’s natural hair. Clients have been able to grow their hair out and enjoy hair extensions for the first time in their lives.


Lifespan on Hair

Our hair will last each client anywhere from 6 months 12 months depending on what at-home care products the client is using as well as how gentle the client is treating their investment. Each client signs a waiver agreeing that their HairSlayer has carefully explained everything from what to use and what NOT to use on their investment at home. Each client has been trained on how to properly wash, treat, detangle, dry, curl and style hair at night.

How Much Hair Will I Need?

Our hair is created and packaged with the stylist and client in mind. We wanted to cut down on how many wefts it would take to create a seamless blend as well as decreasing the amount of tension on the client’s natural hair. Our hair weighs between 20 grams per weft. We also offer custom order 30 gram wefts upon request at consultation.

Fine-Medium Hair: 1-2 packs

Medium-Thick Hair: 1-2 packs

Super Thick Hair: Custom Order if Needed. We make 30 gram wefts too!!!


Cost of Hair

*** Please note all orders for 16″ and 24″ are considered custom lengths and have a 3 week production time. Please be sure to let your clients know this.

16″: (this is considered a custom order and currently has a 3 week production time ) $395/ pack each pack comes with 4 wefts

22″: We keep in stock and can ship out same day… $495/ pack each pack comes with 4 wefts

24″: (this is considered a custom order and currently has a 3 week production time ) $795/ pack each pack comes with 4 wefts


We are competitively priced anywhere from $200-$1500 less than other larger named brands that are offering lower quality hair according to clients who have made the change.

We want everyone to have the ability to enjoy this amazing hair.

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